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Turning walkers into Skaters and Skaters into Derby players.

Roller Derby in NZ
If you can’t quite drive a car, would you put your hand up to race in a competitive environment? Probably not. You would make sure you become a good driver first.

In my opinion, the same applies to Roller derby. How can you possibly concentrate on tactics, observation and strategies while tripping yourself up at every corner? You’ve gotta be fit, you’ve gotta be a confident skater to firstly handle this sport then master it.

If becoming a great player requires 50% skating skills and 50% playing tactics, I believe players should arrive at a league with their 1st 50% skating skills intact.

In New Zealand, leagues have been welcoming novice skaters and it’s been a great way to promote the sport and open it to just about anyone. Unfortunately, this has its downside. Time is spent on novice skaters when it should be spent on training players. Valuable player training time is spent on training novices how to stop or crossover instead of concentrating on getting or providing the essential derby training required to excel.

Roller derby players level of abilities would increase and the risks of injury would decrease if all skaters were to be trained separately and then invited to join a league when they have reached a recognised level.

You will notice that the largest part of the Roller derby Skill test is about Skating drills, not Derby drills. So like being trained to drive a car then sit your test when you’re ready, it would be prudent to become a confident skater before getting on that track.

How can we make this happen?
If you're reading this, chances are YOU are a passionate SKATER.

If you’re a novice, I trust you would agree that undertaking skating training is essential on the road of becoming a Roller Derby player. So regardless of where you’re doing it, do it well, become a confident skater and the road to derby will be safer and more pleasurable.

If you are an advanced skater, you may want to consider becoming a Skating Instructor in your own Skate School business. If you enjoy teaching what you know and contributing to the development of your sport, you can now also earn an income out of your passion for skating.

What can we do for you?
In the last few years, we have been developing an efficient and fun system, turning walkers into confident skaters. This concept works and we want to share it with the right people in order to spread the skating craze throughout the country and the world!!! We have started in Northland, have been established for 3 years now and have produced many great skaters. Skatescool Australia started at the beginning of 2013 and is a huge success. Join us now and do the same in your region.

You can do the same in your region. Order a copy of A Skater's business - SKATE SCHOOL or A Skater's business - ROLLER DISCOs and you can be set up to go next term.

Derby / Skating love, B-Claws

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