Choosing the right pair of skates

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If you don’t have skates, you can hire inline and roller skates from us. Best is to start with hire and buy your own after a few weeks. Ask us for advice on what and where to buy. Wondering about Roller derby wheels? check this out.

inline quads skates
If you hesitate between inline and quads, here is what I think. A skater is a skater. When you can skate, inline, ice, quads are all equally enjoyable as long as they are of good quality.

When it comes to buying skates, quality is essential.

The shoe must be comfortable, I recommend laces rather than those bindings that can break, unlike laces that you can replace anytime.

The frame must be made out of a material that will not squeeze the wheels when tying the shaft (inline) and prevent the wheel from spinning freely (generally extruded aluminium or even better but more expensive carbon fibre).

The bearings must be of good quality too, there are different ratings for those. Bearings are often rated on the ABEC
scale (from 1 to 11 -odd numbers- the higher the better) but doesn't account for the quality of steel used, which is also important.

The wheels are made of polyurethane and their hardness is measured on the A scale (78A-93A -the higher the harder). Softer wheels are more grippy. Diametres vary from 59mm to 110mm (the biggest the faster but less maneuverability). I have tested 10 wheels made for Roller derby and rated them on different floors.

Use your skills
Did you know you could turn your skating hobby into a rewarding business and ongoing income? Find out how you can start your own business by teaching inline rolle skating, figure skating and adult skating in your area.




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