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is FUN!
Whether you want to become a roller hockey player, an artistic skater,
a derby player, a speed skater or a freestyler, it’s all happening on skates and it all starts here.

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After our great Summer Series we are having a little break and will start again in March 2017. Stay tuned

Roller Discos & Workshops

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This is a community family event.
No age limit.
Adults and kids welcome.



Check photos on facebook
to see if you can find yourself!

Roller disco entry: $10
including skates

30min Coaching: $5
Family pass 2kids+2adults
(all above): $50

All ages, all levels welcome

Bring your sport socks or buy a pair $3


Boogie on wheels on Saturday night!

An active and entertaining Saturday nightt,
join us for 2 hours of sheer fun.

Skating is the perfect mix between sport and entertainment.

We have skates in all sizes (quads and inline).
It is open to all ages and all levels.

To enjoy even more, go for the 30min coaching with
skating instructor and get 1st choice of skates.

Photos are taken at each Roller disco and uploaded
to facebook each week.

Note: bring socks or buy a pair.
Drinks available.






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