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is FUN!
Whether you want to become a roller hockey player, an artistic skater,
a derby player, a speed skater or a freestyler, it’s all happening on skates and it all starts here.

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Time table 2016
Mondays 3.15pm Kamo Intermediate
Thursdays 3.15pm Onerahi hall
Fridays 3.45pm Street Skating or 116

All casual classes: $10
Payment for TERM (2017)
$95 or $80 (own skates)

Skating class - KIDS
Basics up to a high level of sk
Learn how to go forward, backward, in circles, stop, jump, weave, whip and more in a fun environment. Lots of games, drills and levels to pass over time.
Inline or roller skates, best suited to kids 6+

Onerahi Hall

Ngunguru school

Whangarei primary

PARENTS: you are welcome to watch the class or pick up your child an hour after school.

Please register your interest if you would like Skatescool to go to your school.

Holiday programs
Coming to you with lots of skates for a fun workshop (recommended time: 2hrs)

Other option:
Combine physical activity and music

Sing and record a song like a pro then burn off the remaining energy on skates!



We have 8 levels to acheive over time
They includes skills such as Balance - Stomping - 2sec flamingo and 4sec skating - Front swizzles - Snow plow- Gliding: Wide uturn - Waterdrop - Forward sculling - Backward swizzle - Flamingo on line
Spin stop - Run and stop - Hopping - Jumps
Lunge - Tpot - Tstop -Strong pushing - 2 laps timed crossover - transition - slalom and more

Skating class - ALL AGES
Get fit while having fun skating. Get your cardio up smoothly and improve tone on skates.

As a Fitness instructor I train people on skates. Skating is a great way to get fit while having fun. To participate to street skating, you must be level 1 minimum. If you are not there yet, we will teach you the drills to get you to that level as fast as we can.

Street Skating (meeting at agreed location on (Facebook)

Stronger, go faster, and beat your own time
at each race against yourself
Get your rhythm into motion and get a routine
down synchronised with your team.

Learn how to turn, stop, crossover, transition,
weave, jump, skate backward, etc.

Gym on skates! Cardio + u
pper, lower body
workout circuits.

From 1 to 5. How far will you go?


Skating Boot Camps (see facebook for dates)
50kms radius from Whangarei CBD
Book instructor and skates for:
Monthly parent/children workshops
Private parties
Home school activity
Roller disco
Fitness skating for adults
Lite roller hockey
Lite roller derby training for adults






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